Voting by Mail

I’ve seen a lot of negativity about voting by mail.  I only have positive things to say about it.  Personally, I’ve voted by mail more often than voted in person over the years.  Frankly, that choice was because I see my time as valuable.   When I worked, I had to be at work by 7:30 so voting in the morning wasn’t a great option unless I wanted to be up by 4 to get in line.  [Sadly, the last time I did that I still wasn’t first in line].  After work, I had activities with my kids and waiting in line didn’t seem like the best option.  


I know some folks are concerned about fraud.  Recently a friend of mine attended a virtual meeting of the League of Women Voters in Pasco County, where our Supervisor of Elections, Brian Corley, a Republican, spoke.  I only point out his party because lately a lot of my Republican friends have expressed concerns about voting by mail.  He addressed the issue of voter fraud and said that it truly wasn’t a problem and that the type of fraud that he has had to address in Pasco is people who own homes in multiple areas thinking that they get two votes.  


While I have all of the time in the world to vote now, I am totally not interested in crowds.  I have health issues that make me vulnerable to COVID-19, so I’m staying home for the August vote [and yes, I’ve already requested the ballot for November too].  I thought that I would share a little about the at home voting process with you.  


My daughter will get to cast her first Presidential ballot this year and will have to do it by the mail as she attends college almost 600 miles away.  


Just like the in person voting, you fill out a ballot with a black or blue pen.  When complete, you put it in a protective sleeve and then into an envelope that you have to sign after sealing.  You can see the pictures below.  My concern with voting by mail has been a worry that my vote would be lost in the mail.  However, our county has a way that you can log on to see if your vote did indeed count.  


There are many states that vote exclusively by mail.  Utah, a very conservative state, launched vote by mail in 2012.  I really don’t think the right to vote, or even the convenience to vote, should be politicized.  


I know there are some who will disagree, but I do hope that vote by mail becomes more universally used.  I would like to see more people voting, not less.   

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