Pretty, Pretty Please…and Thank You

I’m ridiculously excited about going to see Pink in Tampa in a few days. I love her music. Its just so real. My favorite Pink song is problematic though. It makes me cry, and flowing tears will not make me look like a rocker, so I’m trying to listen to it everyday to not cry. So far, that’s not working, so I decided to write about it. I’m hoping that publicly sharing the gratitude I feel for so many when I hear the song will help me stop the tears.

The song is “Perfect,” which is the clean version’s title. The song is about someone who feels unworthy but the singer encourages her.

This song just speaks to me. Those who know me now, I know, don’t see a person who battles this feeling. When I hear this song’s chorus, I hear the people who were my cheerleaders from my youth, begging me not to feel less than perfect: my dad, my aunts, my grandparents, my sister, and John. John was the first person outside of my family that I truly let see that part of me, the struggle to believe my own worth. These people built me up, helping me to overcome being constantly torn down by someone else.

Twenty years ago, I said enough. I stopped believing, for the most part, that I was nothing. I still have my personal battles with that little voice who tells me I’m not good enough, but I’ve spent the last twenty years finding friends who are my champions. People, who when I’m feeling down, rally to lift me up, even when they don’t know they are doing so. I’m far from perfect and have many flaws, but I’m so blessed to have so many in my life who choose not to see the flaws.

This post is a thank you. I cannot express my gratitude enough. So to all of you, my family champions, my friend champions, thank you all for the times you’ve made me feel perfect, and I want you all to know that you are perfect to me.

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