We Deserve Better

I’m sick of Brett Kavanaugh and the controversy surrounding him.  I’m appealing to my Republican leaders now to do something.  We deserve better.  Period.

I believe Dr. Ford.  What does she have to gain from this?  Besides, she is of my generation and the fact is, we didn’t speak up then.  Most of us still don’t.  And yes, I knew many, many situations and at least heard about several when I was in high school — we all did, and we didn’t say anything.

If Mr. Kavanaugh had a shred of decency, he would have owned up to his mistake.  Even if he had said, that he was intoxicated and didn’t remember that event  and how much regret he had for his behavior, I would empathize.  We’ve all done stupid things when under the influence.

He did not.  So, to me, it’s not the fact of what he did or didn’t do; it’s the fact the he’s not willing to own up to doing anything wrong. Especially after having some questionably truthful moments already during his hearings, I find myself questioning his character.

That’s the problem.  When someone is a Supreme Court Justice, his/her character should never be in question.  I’m not demanding perfection, but I am demanding excellence from the highest court in the land.  Excellence is when a person takes responsibility and owns mistakes, even making reparations if needed.

I know that our Republican leadership, or at least what used to be our Republican leadership, can find someone better.  We deserve it.

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