Fix It

I have a very dear friend who came to the US from Cuba as a 5 or 6 year old in the early years of Casto’s reign.  Her father brought her to Miami seeking asylum and she lived with her aunts.  It was at least a year or maybe two before her mother and younger sister were able to get to Miami too.  She talks of the difficulties of this time sparingly, and it has been over 50 years. 

The recording of the little girl from El Salvador truly struck me.  That little girl’s scared voice became for me my friend’s scared voice.  My friend wasn’t taken from her father.  She wasn’t placed in a detention center and still today I see the hurt in her eyes when she thinks of being away from her mom.  I can’t imagine this little girl from El Salvador in 50 years.

Seeking asylum in the US is not illegal. Frankly, I’m a well traveled citizen.  I’ve been to 33 states and 16 countries.  I didn’t know the difference between a port of entry and a border crossing. 

I can’t believe that my country would punish someone for not knowing that.  It sickens me.  It should sicken everyone to think of these children.  Kids should not be judged by or punished for their parents mistakes. 

There is something broken in our country.  I can’t believe that anyone in the country who came together to fight the Axis countries 77 years ago would support policies like this.  This isn’t making America great – it’s making America heartless.  We were the heroes in the past, and heroes are not heartless. 

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