First Day of School…FINALLY!

Two weeks ago, I was dreading going back to school. I had been lulled into the luxury of lazy summer life. Not that I had a lazy summer, mind you, but summer busy is on my terms with no deadlines. The thought of setting the alarm always looms over me in August even though every day I will wake at least 10 minutes before the alarm sounds.

The beginning of a teacher’s school year is so busy. Everyday there is another meeting or training. No matter how important or worthy, I just want my kids. There is so much anxiety about getting to know your kids, wondering what they will be like, and anticipating how the year will go.

Then there is orientation. I think orientation is great for the students, but it always makes me feel a little unsettled as a teacher, especially now that I am teaching seventh grade. It’s weird to see the kids that I bonded with the year before. I want to talk to them and hear about their summers, but they are in eighth grade now and busy with their new teachers. It’s one of those bittersweet moments.

Today, however, was my first real day of school. I couldn’t sleep last night because I was excited and nervous. Would my lesson work? How is the iPad thing going to go? Will I remember their names? I am happy to say that today, it worked! The iPads had a few glitches but the lesson worked and the kids really seemed to enjoy using them. I even remembered their names! Most importantly, I had just a wonderful day with my students. We laughed! We explored! We learned! And, I think we began to bond a little.

Today, these new seventh graders finally became “my” kids, and I couldn’t be more excited about the year to come!

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