Time Is (Not) On My Side…Yet

Not having enough time is my excuse for everything I don’t accomplish. I will admit it. I struggle with time management, and with a new work year fastly approaching, I know that I need to start thinking about time management again.

My sister has a website [http://vdpcoaching.com] and puts out a monthly newsletter for which I am her editor, so I don’t feel bad about sharing this article today. I did help edit it…

How many times do you here people use the following clichés?
”There are not enough hours in the day.”
”just give me a minute.”

How often do you use them yourself? Time, or lack of it, is a huge complaint for most of us. We live lives packed full of an asundery of commitments, from work related tasks to running our children to sports practice, and most of us feel often like we just need a little more time to get through our lengthy to do lists. Well, nothing can make there be more hours in a day, but with a few simple adjustments, you can make better use of the time you do have.

Devote 30 minutes once a week to assess the past week and prepare for the next. Devote 5 minutes each day to adjust your schedule and realign your priorities. Consider the long-term consequences on your life and work if you do not complete the task.

Always ask yourself:
“What is the most valuable use of my time right now?”
“Is the activity tension relieving or goal achieving?”
“Why should you do this task?”
“What happened if you don’t do it now or ever?”

Time Management Tips:
Prioritize your tasks
A = This is a must complete task. If you do not complete you’re a tasks, there will be major consequences. Number each of you’re a tasks ( A1. A2. A3… ). Always work on you’re a tasks before you move to a lower lettered task.

B = This is a “should” do task. Number these B1. B2. B3… You should not work on a B task until you complete you’re a’s. If you do not complete your B tasks, there will be mild consequences.

C = There are no consequences if you do not complete your C tasks. These tasks are purely “nice to have completes” tasks. Never do a C task if there is still an A or a B task.

D = Delegate! Getting tasks accomplished through others is a fundamental leadership and time management skill. Are there tasks others could do, but you are still doing?

E = Eliminate! What tasks can you eliminate from your daily routine?

“The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” – Michael Altshuler

Now, if only I will take her advice…

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