Dear Mr. Zimmerman

Dear Mr. Zimmerman,
I have mixed feelings about your acquittal. I would have had mixed feelings if you had not been acquitted. I do not think you set out to harm anyone. I also do not think that you can claim self defense when you initiated contact. I do not think that this was racially motivated. This jury really had a no win situation. While you may not have been guilty of second degree murder, that 17 year old boy did not deserve to die. Period.

My heart breaks for his mother, Mr. Zimmerman. You see, I have a 17 year old son. He is the nicest teenage boy I have ever known, but like many teenagers, he thinks he is tougher than he is and feels invincible. I am so glad that you didn’t follow my son that night. You should be too. In fact, I pray that Trayvon Martin’s mother has more strength than I do. You see, Mr. Zimmerman, I think if you followed my boy that night, and if he confronted you for following him, even if he jumped on you and took a swing at you for following him, even with all of that, if that were my boy, I am afraid that I would follow you for the rest of your life carrying a picture of my son so that you had to see his face, my loss, everywhere you went. I’m not saying that your intentions were bad, Mr. Zimmerman, but the results of your actions were a loss of life.

Tonight, I go to bed and I will pray for those parents. I will pray that they will not be as weak as I would be if I were in their place. I pray that they will be able to find forgiveness for you. I will also pray for you, Mr. Zimmerman. I pray that you learn from this. I pray that you realize the devastating power of the weapon you carry. I pray that you show remorse for killing this child. I pray that from this point forward you will leave law enforcement to the professionals. I pray that when the police tell you not to follow someone, you just go back to your home and lock the door. I will pray for the members of the jury; I hope they have peace with knowing they were in an impossible situation. I pray that others will give them privacy and respect.

I also pray for peace for the community.



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