Goodbye, Paula

One thing I want to avoid in my blog is controversy, but honestly, I’m going to address how sick I am of the Paula Deen stories, and more specifically, I am sick of people thinking that she is a victim. If Paula had made these comments 40 years ago, well, then I would see the point of defending her. Frankly, though, anyone making those remarks now is just wrong. Wrong.

I am glad she lost her contracts, and to be honest, I think she should have lost them when she failed to disclose her type 2 diabetes.

As a person who struggles with my weight, I have never bought one of her cookbooks because I just assumed the recipes wouldn’t benefit me. I feel like if I buy cookbooks from skinny chefs then it’s like being on a diet. While that hasn’t truly worked for me, I am glad that I haven’t ever financially supported Paula Deen in any way.

I have also seen a lot of comments in support of Paula Deen that bring up the situation with Martha Stewart, saying that she still makes money. Well, I have two responses to that. One, Martha Stewart served her time, and, more importantly, while it is not a “crime” to use racial slurs, it is worse than cheating to make money. The dignity of people is more important than cash any day.

Anyway, not that I’m such a great homemaker anyway, but for what it’s worth, Paula fans, there are many other great cooks out there. I’m sure you can find a better person to follow on the Food Network, and I’m also sure that Paula Deen will still have a lucrative business with her restaurants. And, with that, I’m going to try to get some sleep (yes, it is 5:45 am and I’m still awake – probably not the best time to blog.

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    • She’s an American chef who had her own television show, multiple books, etc. She was using racial slurs and has lost her show and one of her advertising gigs.

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