The BEAUTY of Home Improvement

During the summers I like to work on my house. I spend countless hours organizing cabinets even though I know they will look like a tornado struck them again in October. It’s my version of spring cleaning, which never, ever happens in my house in the spring. From February to June it is just a blur in our house for some reason, and it’s this business that necessitates the annual purge during the summer.
I like to start summer by working on my cleaning project so I get them out of the way because I hate cleaning and then I feel like I can relax and enjoy the remainder of the summer. I had big plans for this year’s home project because I have decided to add some home improvement to the mix.
Last week, I reorganized the kids’ rooms and moved the furniture around in their rooms and our “guest” room. It was quite the success, so I began planning this week’s project – my room. For the past four years, we have been wanting to get rid of the carpet in our bedroom so I decided that I would do it this summer [that is next week’s project] and since we were getting rid of the carpet, I thought it would be a great time to repaint the room. For the last two years, my sweet husband has slept in a purple room. Purple is my favorite color [there will be a blog post about that one day], and I loved having a purple room. More than that, I love that my husband has been such a good sport about our purple room. While I loved it, it is time for a change. So this week I decided to paint. I love painting walls. There is something so satisfying about seeing a job complete. At the end of a day, you have a whole new look. In my case, we have gone from violets to Timberwolf Gray.
When I told my sister that I was starting a blog, she encouraged me to include tips. So here is what I discovered today. Painting a bedroom can provide “beauty” treatments too. Our bedroom has a slanted ceiling so while I was painting at the highest point today, I bobbled just a bit. The ladder shook slightly, but I regained my balance. All was well – for a millisecond. That is when disaster struck. My trim bucket fell off the ladder. It whirled to the ground spraying Timberwolf Gray in every direction. It was on the carpet, the back of our flat screen television, John’s chest of drawers, and our door. I didn’t even look for the bucket. Instead I grabbed paper towels and started saving my furniture. I did. There is not a drop of paint evident on the tv or the chest of drawers. The door, however, is another story, and I have added another paint project to my list.
Anyway, because the paint was all over the carpet, it got all over my legs. Truthfully, I didn’t even care about cleaning up myself. After I took care of the furniture, I just wanted to finish the room. So, two hours later, when it was time for a shower, I looked like I had a disease of some kind. When I bought my paint, I bought some Gojo , a pumice soap for your hands. Let me just say that Gojo on a body scrubber works wonders. My legs look like I’ve been to a spa!
So, you see, you can have a cheap beauty treatment and change your bedroom at the same time! I’m sure there will be more updates on my projects as time goes along!

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  1. Every time that I paint a room myself, I swear that it will be the last time; it never is! Make sure that my husband shares the story with you one day on the “green” laundry room in our old house! 🙂

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